Fiction in Real Life: My Week As Tiana From The Princess and The Frog, Day 4


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Day 4: In which our clueless heroine meets Lottie, lives as a Mardi Gras queen, and finds Tiana’s Palace

Tiana would never be this lazy, I think guiltily as I roll out of bed, scandalously late in the morning. But I couldn’t resist sleeping in. Today’s the first day I don’t have something official on my itinerary, and I was up late last night making a friend: my new roommate, Anna!


Okay, okay, so Anna isn’t a lot like the unhinged Charlotte “Lottie” LaBouff…aside from being super warm, friendly, and game for adventure! She tells me about her home in Singapore, and we giggle over our shared love of Korean dramas. I tell her about my Princess and the Frog project, and mention that I saw a restaurant called “The Palace” on Canal Street. We make plans to meet there for dinner. Tonight, Tiana’s restaurant fantasy will come true!

In the meantime, though, why not make the most of my lazy spirit? I’m feeling awfully indulgent today, and since I’ll be spending the evening as Tiana…I decide to spend the daytime as Lottie! Continue reading “Fiction in Real Life: My Week As Tiana From The Princess and The Frog, Day 4”